Graduate Student Life

Pitt programs and initiatives support a strong graduate/professional student community.

Where to Live

Pittsburgh's tapestry of neighborhoods, many located within minutes of campus, offer a wide range of options—from the rich cultural amenities of Oakland, where Pitt is located…to quiet city and suburban neighborhoods that are ideal places to raise a family. Explore your options for off-campus living and learn more about the City of Pittsburgh.


Consistent with its efforts to be inclusive and to support a healthy academic-personal life balance, Pitt helps graduate and professional students who are parents to fulfill their family responsibilities while making progress toward their degrees.

Learn More: Graduate Students and Parental Leave: Seeing a Need, Providing Assistance


Pitt is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion throughout its five campuses—in classrooms, offices, residence halls, laboratories, and every other place where people work, research, and learn.